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          Xinlideju Import Export

          2020-11-24 00:00:00
          Xinlideju Import  Export

          Xi'an xinlideju import  Export Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of recycled plastic particles, PP plastic particles, PP recycled plastic particles, black fruit basket, PP granules manufacturers, Located in Hebei Province, the main products are: PP recycled plastic particles, PP black polypropylene particles, PP fruit basket particles, black engineering particles, black fruit basket particles, ordinary black particles, reinforced polypropylene particles, energy-saving  environmental protection granular materials, recycled plastic particles processing, can also be customized, the company has stable supply, long-term stock.

          Our factory has independent production  processing workshop, assembly line production, large output value, environmental impact assessment, long-term stable source of goods, good quality. Our factory with full enthusiasm, sincere attitude, welcome all the guests,  provide them with quality products. We always take the requirements  development of users as our own responsibility, work hand in hand with users,  seek common benefits.



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